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Feng Shui & Space Clearings

Home, Office or Real Estate for Sale or Rent – Feng Shui can help! A Western Feng Shui Consultation will give you insight on how to enhance positive energy for your well being, implement practical solutions to transform your space, business or property, and bring balance to your life by creating harmonious environments that nurture and support you in achieving your dreams. Schedule today!

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Color Consultations

Make busy or choppy rooms feel good. Make a too bright couch look pleasant. Deciding on the perfect color for a wall that will suit your tastes and harmonize with the furniture can result in many daunting trips to the paint store and a mismatched shade! Having a professional color consultant that will bring the paint store to you will make your life much easier and your space perfect! 

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Positive Energy

Made purely with organic essential oils and with it's uplifting and citrusy aroma this 100% natural & organic spray will add Positive Energy to any room! Use it anytime and anywhere, in your home, office, car, or even on yourself. It is blended in spring water, so be sure to shake it well before use. 4oz.


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